The Children's Equity Project (CEP)

All children should have access to positive early learning experiences that will set them up for long-term success and wellness.

NEW! Read the CEP's latest report: Start with Equity: 14 Priorities to Dismantle Systemic Racism in Early Care and Education

The Children’s Equity Project, with the help of many partners, published a new report outlining 14 critical priorities and actionable policies that federal and state policymakers can immediately and concretely advance equity in the early childhood system for our most vulnerable children.

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About CEP

The Children's Equity Project (CEP) is an initiative of the Sanford School and is led in partnership with scholars from institutions across the United States including Yale University, Georgetown University, Vanderbilt University, The Center for Racial Equity and Excellence, and the University of California Los Angeles, among many others. The CEP focuses on closing opportunity gaps and dismantling systemic racism in learning settings to ensure that children reach their full potential.

The CEP works at the intersection of research, practice, and policy and focuses on a range of equity issues in the early years and the early grades, including but not limited to, disproportionate discipline, corporal punishment, and bias; immigration and young children; language policies and supporting dual language learners; inclusion of children with disabilities; maternal and child health disparities; and issues affecting children in tribal communities.


Research and Translation

Highly trained faculty from ASU and at partner institutions across the country conduct original, actionable research on a range of equity issues.

We lead a national network of equity scholars and work through a "hub" model to aggregate, translate and disseminate equity research to policy and practice.

We prepare the next generation of diverse scholars through the Start with Equity Fellowship Program.



We work with states and communities on policy change across a range of equity issues.

We work with partners at the federal level to ensure that equity issues are understood and considered in the federal policy making processs.



Informed by practitioners and families, we develop new interventions and practice tools for early childhood professionals.

Check out Start with Equity - Data, Research, and an Actionable Policy Agenda

Millions of young children are disproportionately underserved, over-punished, and barred from high-quality education in learning settings across the United States. The Children’s Equity Project, alongside the Bipartisan Policy Center, have created a concrete, actionable policy roadmap for states and the federal government to take meaningful steps to remedy inequities in early learning and education systems.

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Check out the CEP's webinar series: Equity in Early Childhood Mental Health Consultation

This 4- part series explores the historical and societal institutions of racism in child-serving systems, and discusses actionable steps early childhood systems leaders and mental health consultants can take to create anti-racist spaces for our youngest learners.

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