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Millions of young children are disproportionately underserved, over-punished, and barred from high-quality education in American schools.

The Children’s Equity Project and the Bipartisan Policy Center have come together to create an actionable policy roadmap for states and the federal government—as well as for candidates at all levels of government vying for office—to take meaningful steps to remedy these inequities in early learning and education systems.

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In brief - Harsh Discipline and its Disproportionate Application

In brief - Inclusive Learning for Children with Disabilities

In brief - Equitable Access to High-Quality Learning Opportunities for DLLs and ELs

Developed with support from the Heising-Simons Foundation, this policy agenda was informed  by two convenings of more than 70 experts from universities, think tanks and organizations. The resulting report, Start with Equity: From the Early Years to the Early Grades highlights the grave inequities that have long pervaded the education system and affect the lives of millions of children from historically marginalized communities, using the lens of three policy areas: disproportionate application of harsh discipline practices; lack of inclusion of students with disabilities in general classrooms; and inequitable and inadequate access to dual language programming.

In addition to analyses of existing data and a review of the latest research, this report also includes concrete recommendations for policymakers at the federal, state and local levels so that they can take immediate, meaningful steps toward dismantling these inequities for good.

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The report reviews the state of the equity data, research, and policy landscapes from the early years to the early grades in key areas - including discipline, inclusion of children with disabilities, and dual language learning. It establishes an actionable, concrete policy road map for states and the federal government that can begin to bridge longstanding opportunity gaps and improve the learning conditions of children from historically marginalized communities.

Report overview

July 14, 2020, 3pm EST
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Addressing Harsh Discipline and its Disproportionate Application

July 22, 2020, 3-4:40pm EST
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Expanding Inclusive Learning for Students with Disabilities

July 28, 2020, 3-4:30pm EST
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Equitably Expanding Access to Dual language Learning

August 6, 2020, 3-4:30pm EST
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