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With funding from the Heising Simons Foundation, the Children’s Equity Project (CEP) is proud to announce the launch of the Start with Equity Fellowship, a novel 1-year fellowship program to prepare the next generation of changemakers in early childhood policy and research. The fellowship is for advanced Masters level or doctoral students, postdoctoral scholars, and early career professionals. 

The Start with Equity Fellows will work with CEP network members (and their mentors at their current institution if appropriate) to conduct, review, and translate cutting-edge equity research in early childhood education. As part of the year-long fellowship, Fellows will serve as summer interns at a policymaking organization (preferably in Washington, D.C.) to develop a better understand of how research becomes policy. CEP is a multi-university initiative focused on designing and carrying out a comprehensive equity agenda across early childhood research, policy, and practice. CEP focuses on conducting and translating equity-focused research, developing new practice-based tools and interventions where there are gaps, and working on implementing policies that result in more equitable early childhood systems.

Fellowship Design

Fellows will be part of a group that comes together as a cohort twice a year for professional development, and have the opportunity to attend CEP convenings (at various locations depending on the focus of the meeting and attendees) and meet with a robust network of researchers, policy makers, and practitioners working in the equity research, policy or practice.  Fellows will receive $10,000 to cover expenses and the summer internship. Fellows must either be enrolled full-time in a masters or doctoral graduate-level program, be a postdoctoral scholar, or be an early career professional. For current graduate students and postdocs, your local mentor/supervisor will work with us to ensure that your fellowship work is aligned with your degree requirements. Fellows can be from diverse backgrounds and have diverse interests and experiences, but must articulate a clear interest in policy-related research as it applies to early childhood equity (0-10 years of age).


How to apply

To apply for the Start with Equity Fellowship for Fall of 2020, send the following to Janniqua Dawkins (jadawkin@asu.edu).

  • a cover letter*,
  • an updated CV,
  • the names of two references.

*The cover letters should be no longer than three pages, single-spaced and should include:

  1. your interests as they relate to the Start with Equity Fellows Program,
  2. a description of the work/project you plan to spend time on during the year of the Fellowship including how the work connects to the mission/vision of the CEP and what deliverables will result at the end of the year, and
  3. a list of CEP partners whose work aligns with your interests (see childandfamilysuccess.asu.edu/cep/team).

Applicants who come from underrepresented backgrounds are strongly encouraged to apply. We are especially interested in applicants who can strengthen the diversity of the CEP.

All materials are due electronically to Janniqua Dawkins (jadawkin@asu.edu) no later than February 28, 2020.

Contact Us

For more information, please contact either Shantel Meek (Shantel.Meek@asu.edu) or Richard Fabes (rfabes@asu.edu).