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Better Together Challenge

An invitation to Maricopa County Middle, Junior and High Schools to strengthen school communities

The Better Together Challenge was developed by the Center for Child and Family Success (CCFS) at Arizona State University (ASU) to work in partnership with Maricopa County public schools to support students' success.


Teams of students work with a faculty advisor to design projects to make their school environments more inclusive, safe, and equitable. Each team will create and submit a proposal based on their ideas and plans.


A Better Together Challenge review panel will select the finalists. Each team will be publicly recognized to acknowledge the teams' success and to pay it forward by inspiring others to act.


Each finalist team will put their ideas and plans in action. Each finalist team will receive funds to purchase needed materials or resources. Teams will implement, document, and measure the success of their project.


At the end of the action period, a final report will be submitted. The Better Together Challenge review panel will select the winning team. The winning team will receive a financial prize and funds to sustain the project for a year.