Center for Child and Family Success

Innovative, multidisciplinary approaches to family life and child well being

About the center

We are an interdisciplinary research center focused on producing pioneering research on the structures and processes that impact daily life for children and families in a rapidly evolving world. We seek to forge alliances among scholars across the social, behavioral, and health sciences who are dedicated to furthering knowledge about human and family dynamics and to join them with community partners and policy makers so the knowledge derived will be highly relevant to daily life and directly applicable to professional practice and social policy.

Target Themes


Early pathways to competence

Explorations of the roots of life-long health, positive adjustment, academic success, and social competence.


Family dynamics

Investigations of the complexities and dynamic nature of family and social interactions, including their biological and cultural underpinnings and the economic and political forces that help determine their state and consequences.


Children's social relationships

The study of the development of children's relationships with each other and with significant adults in their lives, the factors that influence these relationships, and outcomes associated with the quality of relationships children have.


Children's Equity

Scholarship focused on identifying and closing opportunity gaps and ensuring that all children, regardless of race, ethnicity, language of origin, income, and ability reach their full potential.


Program Development and Evaluation

Explorations of the science behind the development, implementation, and evaluation of prevention and intervention programs, materials, trainings, and professional development related to children's health and well-being.

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